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Reduce Clutter

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GETTING RID OF CLUTTER                           

The rewards are amazing…..!!!

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed or feel guilty. If you make a plan and stick to it, you’ll get it done.
  2. Getting rid of clutter means you have to make decisions about which

things to get rid of, and once you make the decision don’t look back!

  1. To get started, get bags marked “Donate/Give away”, “Trash” and

“Someplace Else” (in your home).

  1. Start small, with one small room or area; start at one corner and move around the space. Garages, basements and clothes closets are NOT good  places to start since it is too easy to get overwhelmed with these areas.
  2. Helpful questions to ask yourself when deciding what to keep:
    1. Is it really useful?
    2. Do I love it?
    3. Do I already have enough things like it?
    4. If it’s broken, will I really take the time to fix it?
    5. How often will I use it? If not often, are there other options to owning this thing (like borrowing or sharing with a friend?)
    6. Does it relate to who I am now, or is it just left over from something I used to be interested in?
    7. For greeting cards, is it from someone dear to me and does it have a personal note or photo?
    8. For reference information, is it up to date or can I easily get the information again when I need it?
    9. Have I used it in the past year or so?
  3. Ideas to help you get through the work:
    1. Try setting a timer for between 10 and 30 minutes and tell yourself you won’t stop until the time is up.
    2. Agree not to stop until two bags are full.
    3. Play music while working.
    4. Build in rewards or breaks at specific times.
    5. Keep a count of the number of bags you’ve gotten rid of.
  1. Staying clutter-free is an ongoing task; don’t fall back into old habits!
  2. Get your family involved; giving them incentives can help.

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