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Wellness Recovey Action Plan (WRAP) - Mary Ellen Copeland

- an overview video on developing a WRAP plan of one's own.

- WRAP overview: http://www.mentalhealthrecovery.com/aboutwrap.php


PEERS (Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services) is the official provider of WRAP groups in Alameda County.


*PEERS' list of WRAP group locations and times here.

* PEERS description and contact information in the Alameda Network of Care database.


The Alameda County Network of Mental Health Clients has several programs.  There is the Reach-Out of Alameda County that sponsors peer inhospital visitations.  BestNow! specializes in training consumers to become providers.


Support Systems involving Peers

Bonita House operates the Berkeley Creative Living Center which works on the clubhouse model.  Peers interact and sit in support of one another including in mentoring roles. There is also the Supported Employment Program which includes a Peer mentoring group that works with an Employment Specialist to help each other maintain and retain a position at the workplace.

Bay Area Community Services has five Creative Living Centers that also work on the clubhouse model.  Members work on individual goals and contribute to the daily operation of the house. They may choose to work in menu planning and meal preparation, cultivating the organic garden, grounds maintenance, clerical duties, newsletter production, crafts, or social/recreational events.  By sharing these household responsibilities, members govern their environment and take ownership for their actions and their outcomes.  The CLCs also allow members to turn around and support their peers as they develop new skills.  Members are encouraged to facilitate or co-facilitate groups as well.


* Tips for How to Reduce Clutter and thereby make life less scattered and thereby make life feel less scattered.


An interesting potential positive use for cell phones is reported by National Public Radio.  There are mini-apps being developed for iPhones and other cell phones that are able to track moods and various activities associated with mental health maintenance.  The full story is available here.  The stored data can be used for personal feedback and self control or added to the careprovider's charts.

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