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Where to Go When You Are About to Run Out

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If you have no insurance or have Medi-Cal:
When your loved one is discharged from an inpatient facility, they are frequently given a three to five day supply of medications and the doctor's appointment is several weeks away.  Or perhaps the medications have been lost or ran out without notice.  Sausal Creek Outpatient Stabilization Clinic is able to provide emergency refills to voluntary adult consumers who are able to show up to the Sausal Creek Clinic when there is iminent danger of losing access to medication.  Bring any confirmation of an existing prescription that you may possess such as a copy of the original prescription or the pill bottles that the prescription came in.

Sausal Creek Outpatient Stabilization Clinic
2620 26th Ave.
Oakland, CA 94601

(510) 437-2363


Sausal Creek hours of operation:
Tuesday     7:00am‐3:30pm
Thursday    9:00am‐5:30pm
Friday        11:30am‐8:00pm
Saturday     9:00am‐5:30pm

Click here for directions.



When your loved one is unable to afford the cost of the necessary medications there are Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) that might cover some or all of the cost of the prescriptions.  Not all pharmaceutical companies participate in these programs.  The requirements for low income status may be quite strict.  Check the eligibility for each company.

The Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services has a list of companies that participate in their Medically Indigent Adult (MIA) Program.  The MIA program is for consumers on one of the ACBHCS service teams.  However, anyone may try to apply directly with the forms supplied at this site.  Eligibility and application process is different for each company.  How much medication and to whom delivered if the consumer is approved will be different.  Review the information sheet and confer with your psychiatrist.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness has a list of pharmaceutical companies that offer free or reduced cost access to their psychiatric medications.  There is contact information for each of the companies that has a program for prescription assistance.  Several links are there to sites that explain the PAP and its operations.

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