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Parity With Organic Illnesses

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Parity With Organic Illnesses

Parity, the equal standing of Mental Health issues with purely medical issues, as considered by the insurance companies, is very important for obtaining quality treatment for our loved ones.

What does insurance “parity” mean?  (from NAMI FAQ fact sheet)

In its truest sense, “parity” refers to fair and equal coverage of mental health and substance use disorders.  However, the term “parity” is used to describe laws that vary widely, with most still permitting unequal coverage of mental illness.


Here are links to help you understand more about the importance of Parity.

* The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration has a newsletter issue highlighting the implications of parity for mental health consumers >> SAMHSA Parity Newsletter

*  NAMI fact sheet on Federal Parity for Mental Illness and Addictions

* NAMI fact sheet on Federal Parity FAQs such as "How do I know if my plan is covered by a parity law? and "My treatment for mental illness was denied as “not medically necessary.”  Is that allowed under parity?

California Department of Mental Health Minutes on the implications of parity for California


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