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Administrative Assistant now Open

Untitled document Administrative Assistant: We are looking for that special person who is able to interact comfortably with people who have a mental health issue and

with their families, be able to multitask with interruptions, and be able to work courteously with people from diverse cultures. The successful candidate will be organized; detail oriented, adaptable to changing schedules and organizational needs, and be open to learning new skills.  It is an opportunity to aid in the care of people in great need who have difficulties being the caregiver of a vulnerable person. For further information and application, please link to here.

Family Advocate
: If you are, or have been, a family member/primary caregiver responsible for, or closely involved in the life of a loved one with a serious mental illness or emotional disturbance (adult or child) whether biologically related or not, The Mental Health Association of Alameda County encourages you to apply for a full time, benefitted position currently available with its program. Seeking persons with ‘PERSONAL LIVED EXPERIENCE’ that now drives their passion for serving other family members/caregivers needing hope and support.  No ‘on the job’ experience in the mental health field is required

For further information and application, please link to here.

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