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Mission Statement:    Voices of Mothers is an advocacy effort by families on behalf of our loved ones with serious mental illness. We are fighting for changes  to local, county, state, and federal laws and policies that are failing to provide adequate and timely services and protections to our vulnerable family members. 


1. Grow the family voice in Alameda County by broadening family engagement at all levels. 

2.  Monitor legislation at all levels that impacts mental health policies, campaign in support of laws that improve care for those with serious mental illness, and monitor implementation of mandated programs 

3. Fight to reduce stigmatizing and blaming of families. Document instances of family blaming and misinformation in media and in communications tied to or funded by public fund 

CONTACT INFORMATION:  voicesofthemothersandothers@gmail.com,

Patricia 510-527-8770, Candy 510-523-3239

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