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The goal of this booklet is to provide resources and information to help families and friends who are caring for an adult loved one who has a mental illness. It can also help you, the caregiver, find support and resources when you are not sure what to do, and to know that you are not alone.

Many of the resources in this booklet are for individuals and families who are just beginning to sort out the issues of an adult loved one's mental illness. There are also resources for family members and friends looking for more on-going support such as housing, legal assistance, board and care homes, and more.

This Quick Guide is revised as of March 2010 and reprinted.  Hard copies are available from the Family Education & Resource Center for free.  Individuals and agencies may contact (510)746-1700 for one or more copies.


English Quick Guide for Families and Friends Providing Care and Support For People with Mental Illness

Click here to view or print the Quick Guide in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese

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