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The FERC is now located at 440 Grand Ave. Suite 360, Oakland, CA
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If Suicide Is Threatened

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If Suicide Is Threatened

Here are a few useful resources to use when you believe that a suicide may be imminent or contemplated:

Click here for a list of SUICIDE HOTLINES such as

* Crisis Support Services of Alameda County, Oakland, CA                                         800-309-2131

If your loved one has hurt him/herself in an attempt to commit suicide or will do so imminently,

  • call 911 and tell them it’s a psychiatric emergency or
  • (if your loved one lives in Berkeley or Albany) call the Berkeley Mobile Crisis Team or Crisis Response Program at 510-981-5254


Here are more links to helpful information about suicide:


* Click here for Helpful Information on suicide, understanding and preventing- such as "What are the signs I should look for", "What questions do I ask", and "What can I do to help"?

* For information on what to expect in and after an Emergency Room visit - please read the Family Guide for taking care of your family member - What to do after an attempt. It is a pamphlet offering advice on what a caregiver can do during and after the emergency room experience.  It was developed by the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center with a grant from the National Institutes of Mental Health.

* Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Publications page on Suicide Prevention

* San Francisco Suicide Prevention

* Teen Suicide Prevention at HelpGuide.orgTeenSuicide.us, or American Association of Pediatrics

Suicide Prevention for various ages

* Suicide Prevention Resource Center's list of downloadable resources.

* National Alliance on Mental Illness' Suicide Information Page.

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